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Cassette Split AC

Circular Flow Cassette

Warranty: 1 year for entire unit, 5 years for compressor
Call: 050 726 4532

AUGA18FRTA-U/AOGA18FBTBHU (18000 BTU – 1.5 Ton)
AUGA25FRTA-U/AOGA25FBTBHU (25000 BTU – 2.0 Ton)
AUGA30FRTA-U/AOGA30FBTCSU (30000 BTU – 2.5 Ton)
AUGA36FRTA-U/AOGA36FRTCSU (36000 BTU – 3.0 Ton)
AUGA45FRTA-U/AOGA45FRTCSU (45000 BTU – 3.75 Ton)
AUGA54FRTA-U/AOGA54FRTCSU (54000 BTU – 4.5 Ton)

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Cooling/Heating capacities are based on the following conditions.


Indoor temperature : 27°C DB / 19°C WB

Outdoor temperature : 35°C DB / (24°C WB)


Indoor temperature : 20°C DB

Outdoor temperature : 7°C DB/6°C WB


Specifications and design subject to change without notice for further improvement. Please check with your dealer.


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